An Introduction

I’m super excited to get this bonus content into your hands!  In The Pink Mountain book I share with you the power of affirmations and the subconscious mind.

These bonuses enclosed below work in conjunction with the theory and tools from the book.  Because you decided to start empowering yourself now, while you are waiting for your book to arrive, you’re receiving these powerful videos and visualization.

How these videos work.  Three of the videos below combine subliminal messaging with positive affirmations. They are meant to be watched 3-5 times in a row each day.  You’ll find that 6-12 minutes is easy to commit to each day and has a powerful affect on your thoughts and behaviour. The subconscious mind is able to process 20,000 bites of information simultaneously, whereas the conscious mind can only process 2-7 bites of information. The visual area of the brain that registers perception, has a direct link to the subconscious messaging centres.  By watching these videos you’ll begin producing a positive transformation within your body, mind and soul.

You do not need to read each message, simply watch the pictures in the background and your subconscious mind will do the rest for you!

Let’s begin.


  • Watch at least one video every day to boost your endorphins and focus your mind on the positives
  • Watch the 4th video whenever you’re having chemo
  • Download the 4th audio onto your smart phone so you can play it during your chemo treatment

Time Commitment

  • 2 minutes/day
  • 9 – 18 minutes on chemo treatment days

BONUS #1 – Use this to control the emotional rollercoaster of cancer


BONUS #2 – Use this to dissolve pain naturally


BONUS #3 – Use this to boost your immune system

BONUS#4 – Use this before OR during your chemotherapy treatment


I highly recomment downloading this visualization onto your smart phone so that while you’re in treatment you can listen and feel empowered through the chemotherapy session.  Your brain is an incredible organ, the more you are able to positively impact what you are focusing on, the more positively your immune system responds.

you are an empowered warrior


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