How To Stay Positive Through Breast Cancer, From Diagnosis To Treatment & Beyond.

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The Book

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While a breast cancer diagnosis is terrifying, Cindy acts as a modern day cancer whisperer.  From your moment of discovery, when you feel like you’re in a car that’s speeding, reckless and out of control – Cindy’s words show you how to take the wheel, slow down and reclaim control.

In this perspective altering book, you’ll discover that while you can’t alter your cancer diagnosis, you can control your response and maneuver through it.  That is your superpower.

Cindy, takes you by the hand, gives you specific tools and support, so that the feeling of being victimized by breast cancer, doesn’t make you a victim. She expands the path for you, showing you that the power of a warrior lies within and thriving through the journey, is your other option. While cancer isn’t easy; you don’t have to sit in fear and feel powerless. 

That’s why Cindy wrote this book, because while she was in treatment, she found another way and you can too. Discovering the cancer journey through your own mindset, awareness and sense of empowerment helps you take back your life. 

This book, being part Eat, Pray Love and part Wild provides you with a detailed process to help you prepare for the rough terrain ahead.

It also gives you the wisdom of an experienced trail guide to help keep you from getting lost along the way. You can conquer your fears, be the warrior you are, and thrive your climb up the pink mountain.

What’s inside


Perspective, Starting Points & Reference Guides


Activities & Empowerment Tools


A Story So Powerful That It Transforms The Reader Forever


Steps To Reframe Your Diagnosis & Treatment


A Guided Path To Becoming The Warrior Of Your Breast Cancer Climb


As a woman going through breast cancer, I believe, the most powerful thing you can control is your perspective.

In times like this, your strength and resiliency are tested to the max, and I truly believe that we each discover that we are much stronger than we think we are.

When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, make no mistake, you have been victimized by breast cancer. The interesting thing is that even though that’s true, you don’t have to be a victim.

You have the power to be a warrior and thrive through the journey in front of you. Choosing to thrive doesn’t mean everything is sunshine and roses; it means that you don’t have to sit in fear and feel powerless—you get to tap into an internal power that you never knew you had. 

To me, being a warrior isn’t about displays of brute force, a violent trope like we see in movies.

Being a warrior is about choosing a mindset that empowers you to look fear in the eye, rise up, and be the best you can be, regardless of the situation.

Every moment of everyday, you have the ability to choose your thoughts, your words, and your actions—these add up, creating the results in your life.

You can’t change the events happening in your life, but you choose how you view, interpret and act upon them, thus impacting the results you get. In other words, while you can’t change your breast cancer diagnosis, you can control how you respond to it and your experiences as you live through it.

Facing breast cancer is a hard journey that is filled with many unknowns, and it can feel like an impossible climb—steep and treacherous at times—which I call “The Pink Mountain”.

As a women who has made it to the top of my Pink Mountain, I am here to tell you that if you are prepared mentally and emotionally, you will feel the power of your Spirit guiding you throughout your journey, regardless of where your finish point ends on the mountain.

This book includes the strategies that I have used for myself and have guided many other women through to experience a more empowered and peaceful journey during an often terrifying and painful ascent.

In this book, you will be introduced to an awareness strategy that, when applied, will help you shift your perspective and allow you the opportunity to choose how you want to respond to the chaos and tumultuous landscape of the Pink Mountain.

Like with any challenging climb, your ability to succeed is dependent upon your pre-climb preparation. When you are prepared, you can apply what you’ve learned to keep moving ahead in the right direction regardless of the rough terrain. This book provides you with a step-by-step process that you can use as your guide.



This empowering book allows you to choose a new path so you thrive through your breast cancer journey rather than just survive it.

You do not have to do this alone.


The tools and insight that the writer has shared in her amazing story of climbing the breast cancer mountain can be used to climb any mountain. I had so many take-aways to apply to my everyday life. I think everyone needs to read this. It will definitely be a keeper to reread over and over.

Hayley Racicot


It’s a must read. Very inspirational. This book can be applied to everyday life as well as the pink mountain journey.


So well done and a wonderful inspiration for those facing breast cancer. The techniques, skills and perspectives that Cindy describes and incorporates into her life as a warrior surviving this huge health challenge are easily transferred to other challenges we experience in life. There is no easy way but working on a “mindset” and constantly being aware of it can be a game changer! Thank you Cindy!

Janet McKenzie

This book is a must read for anyone going through breast cancer. Cindy’s detailed story on how she dealt with her challenges going through breast cancer treatment are so helpful. Her positive attitude and suggestions on how to deal with each step are inspiring. Cindy shows you how to take control of your own cancer journey.

Mary Joan Cornett

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