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I believe that knowledge is power, and applied knowledge is powerful.

The moment I was diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer, I decided to educate myself enough so that when I sat down with the doctors, I could understand what they were telling me and I could make decisions that were best for me.

Googling information on breast cancer can become very overwhelming. There are so many different websites it is hard to know where to begin. I found these particular websites to be very beneficial. They were easy to navigate and easy to understand.

Throughout this cancer journey, I have made sure I had knowledge of the terrain. I spent time learning and educating myself on all possible angles so I could adapt to any sudden changes. I felt that if I understood the hazards, I could do a better job at staying on track. I have also listened to my heart and soul, and have maintained a strong climbing mind and body.

Canadian Cancer Society

Breast Cancer Org

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Moose & Doc