You have fought hard to survive, now let me show you how to thrive!

Breast Cancer Survivor


  • You have become a different version of yourself since going through breast cancer and life as it was doesn’t fit anymore.
  • You feel stuck. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually you feel lost and unsure of how to move forward.
  • You have just battled your way up the hardest mountain you have ever faced. Finishing treatment should have meant life would return to normal… but it’s not. Now you’re facing a new kind of alone and aren’t sure where to go from here.


Stop looking over your shoulder in fear and start living your life to the fullest?

Experience a life where you feel joyful, empowered and authentically you?

Claim all the amazingness that your life has to offer?

Home-Breast Cancer Warrior

It is time to put down the sword, take a deep breath and embrace the new version of you.

“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.” ~ Hannah Gadsby


Accept who I am now and move forward with confidence and self-love.


Feel mentally stronger, be at peace with uncertainty, and feel in control of my life.


Enjoy a life lived fully and authentically, while I am still alive.



I am proud to introduce a life changing, one:one mindset coaching program…

Breast Cancer

Now What?


You are no longer who you were when you were in the midst of your cancer struggle. You fought hard and got through that. You now feel a deep pull in your heart that is asking, “Who am I now, beyond being a survivor, and who do I choose to ‘BE’ moving forward?”

Now What? helps you answer that question. 

Now What?

While most support programs teach you how to accept and survive cancer, NOW WHAT? teaches you to accept, survive and THRIVE after cancer treatment.

Breast cancer changes you from the inside out, on all levels. Learning how to ‘thrive’ requires you to explore and understand your inner journey, so you can respond from a place of power in your outer journey. Now What? does this in a strategic and transformative way.

Each coaching session builds on one another keeping you engaged, while creating a strong learning opportunity. When you get to know and realign with who you really are, you find hope and empowerment and begin to see your life in a new way. Breast cancer is a part of your story, but it does not have to define ‘who’ you are.


With the right direction and framing, this really is your opportunity to get to know your true self and access your inner strength.

Affirmation Guide Graphic For Women With Breast Cancer


Tools, techniques and a proven process, to help get you back in control of your journey.

Breast Cancer


Define who you are as a ‘thriver,’ so you can stop looking back over your shoulder in fear and start looking forward with confidence, joy and passion. Create the results you want in life!

First Steps First!

Book a Thrive Talk Consult and we will see where you are on your Pink Mountain climb. I’ll share a tip or resource for resiliency at your stage of the journey. We’ll see if “Now What?” would be a supportive solution for where you are at. Book today – no obligation, lots of encouragement!


Breast Cancer

“I’ve always felt that I was able to share openly to you; that you listen with all your heart and without judgement. That is so important to me when I feel like I am lost and buried under worry. You have encouraged me, made me laugh and made me think. You are always able to cheer me on and remind me of how strong and beautiful I am. I am so grateful!” 

Melanie Holland

I want to move forward in my life with hope and empowerment!

Cindy Needhand | Thrive The Climb Founder

My name is Cindy Needham and I am a stand for women like you truly getting, that it is never too late to feel and be your truest self.

When I was a little girl, I thought that being dismissed and victimized meant that being “me” was wrong, and “I didn’t belong” here. That belief followed me throughout my life, translating into seven near death experiences, including a battle with breast cancer. When I decided to stand tall, look fear in the eye and listen to the whispers of my spirit, I was able to peel back the layers and realize the root source of that theme in my life. When I finally released that belief, that story I had been carrying around for decades, my heart felt light and free. I felt even more connected to my ‘Soul purpose’.

The more I get to know my inner warrior, I see how she is a superhero in every sense of the word. Who she is and what she creates, is magical. The more I get in alignment with her, the more authentic I feel. What a passionate and powerful way to live!

When I reflect on the lives of the most important women in my life, I see how they “played small” because they were under the influence of a belief. Like me, they were held back by a story they began telling themselves a long time ago. I can’t help but wonder what could’ve been, had they realized and released the stories that had a hold of them.

That is why I am passionate about liberating women from their story of “I’m not good enough,” so they too can realign with who they are and claim all the amazingness that life has to offer.

“Cindy has encouraged me to stay positive, to take one day at a time, and to be in the moment. I have watched her take on challenges and turn them into opportunities. As a fellow breast cancer survivor, this was my most important realization. Cindy’s courage to face each day with grace and positivity gave me the power to do the same. Cindy has shown me that Cancer is a journey and an opportunity to make changes in my life.. What a beautiful legacy”!
Shannon Angel

Your inner warrior has gotten you this far…she helped you to survive, now it is time to let her blossom and thrive in new and wonderful ways.