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Inspirational. Great read”

Reviewed in Canada on June 9, 2020

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“It’s a must read. Very inspirational. This book can be applied to everyday life as well as the pink mountain journey.”

Because The World Needs More Support For The Women Climbing The Pink Mountain 

  • A breast cancer diagnosis changes everything about who you think you are and the life you are living.
  • Recovery and survival has foundational roots in mindset and one’s ability to remain positive, information that is rarely discussed with breast cancer patients
  • Tools, methods and supportive techniques can be found in this book that support one’s ability to stay positive through crisis and terrifying health conditions
  • Inspiration and strength to resiliently persevere situations that feel out-of-control
  • Mechanisms to turn the impossible into instruments for change and leading your best life

Every Step We Take Together Transforms How People Experience Their Breast Cancer Journey

Isn’t it time we look at the experience of breast cancer through the lens of positivity and optimism?  Don’t the women who are undergoing this life change deserve more?

Everyone Deserves A Guide As They Face The Climb Of Their Lives


The tools and insight that the writer has shared in her amazing story of climbing the breast cancer mountain can be used to climb any mountain. I had so many take aways to apply to my everyday life.I think everyone needs to read this. It will definitely be a keeper to reread over and over.

- Hayley Racicot

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