Empowering Thousands of Women

Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

To Stay Positive, Reclaim Their Sense of Self & Adopt A Warrior Mindset

Keep Reading If You Experience:


⇒ Feeling sad, distress or powerlessness.

⇒ A desire to deny the disease and just want the surgery to resolve any conflict

⇒ A deep fear that you’ll lose yourself when you lose your breast(s)

⇒ A consistent frustration towards people you love the most because they no longer understand this diagnosis has changed who you are

⇒ Fatigue, foggy thinking and a desire to isolate yourself 


The Empower Your Climb Companion Workbook



My 30 Page Companion Workbook Provides A Detailed Outline Of Everything You NEED To Have At Your Fingertips Throughout Your Diagnosis


It's the Companion Workbook

It’s designed to give you an arsenal of weapons on your journey to conquer cancer.  With the emotional rollercoaster, and never knowing what is going to trigger the “next thing” you’ll have to deal with… this is imperative to thrive.


Record & Journal

While your loved ones may not understand what you’re thinking and feeling, using this guide will give you a companion that won’t judge or feel ‘sorry’ for you.  It’s empowering to have this tool and use it as a sounding board.


Challenge Your Belief Systems

To help you build a working knowledge of the belief systems impacting your breast cancer journey, you’ll use the tools within the companion guide for clarity, wisdom & deep transformation – the ‘New You’ is inside here!


Release The Emotions

Getting your thoughts, perspectives and emotions on paper helps get them out of your mind, body & soul.  Studies show that when you write things down, you reduce the time you spend worrying, thinking or doubting.


See The Bigger Picture

The graphics in The Pink Mountain Book are helpful, but the companion workbook  allows you to process the information and connect with your transformation in a tangible way.  You’ll unleash a depth of understanding about your process.


Shift Perspective & Pivot

Before your diagnosis, you likely felt you could control anything – now it feels like everything is uncertain.  You regain power when you learn essential tools to shift your perspective & pivot in the moment.  Empower Your Climb today!

Who Is This Companion Workbook For?


Women Who Have Purchased The Pink Mountain Book & Want A Place To Record The Exercises From The Book


Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Who Want Daily Mindset Empowerment Tools So You Can Control Your Diagnosis Instead Of It Controlling You


Women Who Want To Choose A Victim-Free Path For Their Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Improve Your Daily Experience As You Live Through Your Diagnosis & Reclaim The Person You REALLY WANT To Be



Who Am I… 


I’m Cindy Needham.  I’m the author of The Pink Mountain, How To Stay Positive Through Breast Cancer From Diagnosis To Treatment & Beyond. 

My goal is to empower you with resilience and mental toughness so the Warrior that lies within you emerges. 

You might think, “Cindy, I’m strong.  I’m resilient.  I’ve done my share of mental toughness “. I hear you.  I once thought that too.  It wasn’t until my 45th birthday that breast cancer took hold of me and shook me to the core in a way  I’d never experienced. 

Because I’m on the other side now and have spent 20 years as a Mindset Mentor, I’ve got insight and methods that will empower you with the positivity and resilience you need to thrive your climb through breast cancer. 

Why I Had To Develop The Empower Your Climb

Companion Workbook

Every day, women reach out to me when I share the struggles of riding the emotional rollercoaster of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Funny enough, when I talk about the little things that would frustrate me the most (like people’s comments about how I should react to losing my breasts after surgery), I would get a flood of women saying, “OMG, Cindy!  Me too!”

The problem is we all were experiencing and sharing the same struggles but nobody was comfortable talking about it out loud.

Even worse there really wasn’t a path to recovery that was laid out for us to follow.  And this problem affects one out of every eight women!  It blew my mind that nobody was really stepping up to make a change!

You see, research shows that a breast cancer diagnosis leads to women feeling sad, distressed, desperate and powerless.  The research even lays out the emotions that women go through, feeling at first like they can deny the disease and believe that the surgery will resolve it all. Not to mention, the research also shows that in addition to having our vanity compromised, we also suffer from prejudices and discrimination!

Women diagnosed with breast cancer often face many new things ALL AT ONCE:

Fatigue, isolation, loss of identity, disconnection to femininity, invasive and painful procedures and treatments, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, social pressure and ambiguous recovery recommendations.

Because women are so resourceful, we often go online to find information and motivation that we need to recover, increase our self-esteem, energy and manage our diagnosis.  I noticed that much of the information that is available is simply treatment related and although practical, it doesn’t address all the little things that happen to you, that only people with the diagnosis can relate to and understand.

In an effort to help women get off the emotional rollercoaster and regain the control we had before our diagnosis, I wrote the Pink Mountain Book: How To Stay Positive Through Breast Cancer, From Diagnosis To Treatment & Beyond.  After it launched, it reached Best Seller status on Amazon (that day!) for Medical Biography AND Personal Transformation.  There I was ranking alongside none-other-than Dale Carnigie himself! 

I knew at that moment, I was on the right track!  It also became clear as women began to read it and reach out to me, sharing their stories and wishing they had the methods, exercises and tools in a workbook, that I needed to create this companion workbook!

And that’s when the Empower Your Climb Workbook was born!


So What Are You Waiting For?!

If you think there might be the slightest chance that this could help you restore your confidence, increase your self-esteem, help you handle the social pressures, rediscover the woman you want to be (during and after your breast cancer diagnosis) and connect with your warrior within, stop procrastinating or trying to do it on your own and just click the button below to get started on this journey together!

I am here to help you recover and restore your body, mind and spirit!

I am here with you!

Your breast cancer guide & mindset companion,


Empower Your Climb Companion Workbook FAQs

When I purchase the Empower Your Climb Workbook, how will it be delivered to me?

The Empower Your Climb Workbook is a digital product that will be sent to you in a PDF form.  When you purchase the workbook, you will be able to access the download from the Order Confirmation page.  You’ll also be sent an email with an access link to your Empower Your Climb Workbook.  Once you click your access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser as well as have the option to download it on your computer.

Is this only for women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer?

Absolutely not!  This workbook can be used at the beginning of your diagnosis, during treatment and beyond.  Each method, exercise and tool helps you rebuild and empower yourself throughout each stage.

Can I buy the Empower Your Climb Workbook without The Pink Mountain Book?

Unfortunately the answer to that is no.  If you haven’t read the book, you’ll be missing big chunks of important information.  Please make sure you purchase the book first, you’ll get so much more out of it!


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