As my 5 months of training is coming to a close, I reflect back over the season and smile at my journey. Like anything that is hard or challenging in life, if you take one step at a time you can conquer anything. If you take the time to see the beauty and grace unfold and change before your eyes, the journey that once seemed impossible or daunting suddenly becomes an enjoyable experience. There were a lot of times I wanted to cut my rides short, but I knew that I needed to put the training in to have a successful ride weekend. The more I started to hurt, the more I distracted myself with what was unfolding around me. (Nature really does put on a show if you decide to pay attention).

In your trying times, take a moment to see what is unfolding around you. You just may find beauty that will carry you through.

Below are journal entries from a few of my training rides.


When I started out the riding season back in April, I had no idea what me and my old bike would achieve. We pulled off 1653 kilometres over many hills, trails and highways. We made it through the wind, rain and heat. Did I mention wind?

What an epic riding season!



This is it! I’m packed and ready to head to Calgary to drop off my bike. I’m super stoked about participating in this years Ride. Here is my secret weapon to get me through those 250 km”s.

I am blown away and humbled by your support and kind words. THANK YOU!


Today’s 40km ride was awesome. I’ve been feeling fatigued so I took it slow and easy. My turn around point was today’s highlight……A mama duck and her babies on one side and a mix of ducks on the other. I love these country roads!


Today’s ride highlight, aside from finishing, was when a red headed wood pecker flew head height and 6 feet in front of me. (Very cool moment). Here are a few photo ops on today’s 80km ride. (I left the best photo until the end)


This is what I’m talking about! Just finished 52km’s. When you’re enjoying the moment there are always time for a photo op. As I said yesterday…..,The yellow of the canola fields is such a gorgeous contrast with the many shades of green. I’m loving the beauty of this moment.


When I decided to join the Ride To Conquer Cancer, I knew it would be challenging, and it most definitely is! Riding uphill, against the wind, requires mental and physical fortitude. (It seems like this spring has been excessively windy and I am forever fighting headwinds.) Last weekend I was feeling pretty beaten and tired on the last leg of my 65km ride. All I could see in front of me was a big hill and even though I was pedalling hard, in the wind it felt like I wasn’t moving at all. I kept thinking, “what have I gotten myself into? On the Ride weekend, I am 10 km’s away from the ‘halfway’ point of just one day of riding! How am I going to do this?” I reminded myself that if I can get through Cancer treatment I can get through this.

I got through some of my hardest days of Cancer treatment by taking it one step at a time. I also had the support of a lot of people who sent me words of encouragement. In that moment of question I had flashes of the email a good friend sent me when I first signed up for this ride. Thinking about her words gave me strength to make it up the hill.

I will get through this Ride one kilometre and one hill at a time. I am in this Ride to complete, not compete. I am in this Ride to give hope to future Cancer victims and their families. I am in this Ride to remind myself how strong Cindy 2.0 is. I am in this Ride to make a difference.

I printed off my friends email and on the backside will write down all of the names of friends and family that have been impacted by this disease, as well as my support people who have been a part of my journey from the start. You will be in my back pocket as I train and ride. YOU are my strength. Thank you for your continued love and support.


What a ride! I just completed my longest ride of the season. Gotta say…The scenery was beautiful, but that wind. I had a head wind 3 of the 4 directions. Seriously, what doesn’t kill me is making me stronger.

(BTW..,.My odometer showed 65km. I’m just saying!)


I did 55km’s today!

Cheryl drove out and met me for a 15 minute apple break at 30km’s. That rest stop helped me push out the last 25kms. (Thank you for your support Cheryl)

This weekend I rode 90kms for a total of 113 for the week. On the Ride weekend, I will be doing 110 km each day!!

I find doing something that challenges me physically and mentally like this, is a bit of a love hate relationship. Getting through can be such grunt work but at the end, I feel such a spiritual experience of accomplishment, that defies words, when I go beyond my preconceived limits. 

Time for a beer! 


The cows were quite chatty as I rode past this morning. I did a 33km loop on the hwy’s east of Red Deer. The Joffre hill took me 30 minutes. It was a challenge, but I did it!