Claim Your Sanity & Manage Questions, Comments & Scenarios With Eloquence and Ease


Even the most supportive, don’t understand…

It doesn’t matter how caring or supportive your family, friends and coworkers are, everyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer finds themselves at some point scratching their head and frustrated.

But don’t despair, they mean well, they just don’t have the perspective you have right now. 

That’s exactly why using this guide will give you the support you need to stay calm and easily & eloquently navigate through it.

Using This Guide You’ll:

Discover The Exact Wording You Need To Keep You Sane

Part of your breast cancer journey is learning how to respond instead of react. 

While it seems ‘unfair’ that you have to be the one learning how to handle outlandish questions, being prepared will help you control otherwise heated situations.

Dig In & Understand How YOU Really Feel                    

Most women who are diagnosed with breast cancer go through an emotional rollercoaster – and ‘WTF Questions’ are part of the highs and lows.

Using this guide you’ll discover how to speak up, be clear and ask for what you need.

Discover How To De-Personalize The Sting & Shock

No one understands how ‘crazy’ these questions, comments and scenarios are until they’re here, in your shoes.

That’s why this guide will also allow you to unplug from the sting and shock, staying empowered and strong.

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