The Breast Cancer Affirmation Writing Guide

An Introduction

I wonder how quickly you’ll remember that words are reflective of what you think and believe.

Becoming aware of the words you use as you describe yourself, your diagnosis and breast cancer, impacts your overall energy and experience, as you conquer your journey.

Inside, you’ll create empowering affirmations that allow you to step into the best version, of the most brilliant vision you have of yourself, as you thrive your climb.

Let’s begin.

What you’ll Need

  • Tea/Coffee
  • Downloaded & Printed Affirmation Writing Guide
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Quiet Space
  • Soothing music (optional)

Time Commitment

  • 30 minutes to create
  • 5 minutes/day for 7 days

Step 1

When it comes to writing empowering words to transform your focus and mindset, use the four p’s to stimulate your mind into an effective state.

Using the four P’s you’ll get clear, connected and concise with where you want your energy and focus to flow.

Step 2

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer, or you’ve had the diagnosis for a while, it’s important to begin by writing affirmations for the diagnosis itself.

You might question why, but the answer is simple.  The words and thoughts you have attached to your diagnosis is shaping your current experience.  Envisioning what you want grounds your emotions and directs your focus towards empowerment.

Step 3

Create affirmations for when you’re doubting your strength.  These are extremely helpful on the days when you’ve:

  • Had treatment and are feeling it’s effects
  • Have had emotionally charged interactions with loved ones or challenging people
  • Are having a bad day – yep, everyone has them and they help reveal when we’re having awesome days!

Get started creating affirmations for when you’re doubting your strength.

Step 4

Next create a couple affirmations for those days when you’re not feeling in alignment with what you want to believe about yourself.

This will support your resilience and ability to bounce back when:

  • You feel frustrated with progress or treatment 
  • The strength in your mind isn’t matching the strength in your body
  • You’ve had conflict with someone that is affecting how you see yourself
  • You’re in conflict with yourself about past experiences

Use these when you’re doubting who you are and what you’re capable of achieving.

you are an empowered warrior