Life after cancer treatment



7. Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer 2017

I decided to join the Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer this year. I thought it would be a good way to challenge myself mentally and physically while raising funds for a cause dear to my heart. Below is what I wrote on my personal page and how I kicked off a 5 month...

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6. Cindy 2.0 Breaking Free

2017-05-03 As I have been recovering from cancer treatment this last year I have often joked that I am Cindy 2.0. I am a different version of the original with a few glitches. I spend time daydreaming about doing and accomplishing the same things I used to do. I...

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5. Packing For Mexico

2016-11-20 So next Saturday we are flying to Mexico for the 2 week vacation that we had to cancel this past January because of cancer treatment. I just finished trying on the shorts and capri’s that I couldn't get on this summer. I am thrilled to report that I am able...

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4. My Beautiful Brain

2016-10-13 I have been living with chemo brain and Tamoxipause brain for six months now. To be honest, it seems my brain gaps over these last three months have been worse than the first three! Fatigue and overstimulation amplifies the problem. As I have stated before,...

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3. My Choice

2016-08-23 I believe that knowledge is power. I also believe that having a clear understanding of what   you’re up against can also help take some of the fear away. While the situation may be less than pleasant, at least if I have an understanding of the ins and outs,...

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2. My Body Hurts

2016-08-14 It has been 6 months now since my last chemotherapy. My hair is coming in nicely. It came  back in brown and curly! As it gets long enough to style, my hair stylist will no doubt create something fun and easy to manage. In the meantime, when Cheryl had her...

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STAY ConnectED

While I actively support our breast cancer community on my website, you can stay connected in real time on my Facebook group and other social channels.