Life after cancer treatment



13. Time To Course Correct

2018-08-17 It has been a long while since I have done any updates, and I understand the reason why. I am so exhausted. So very exhausted and depleted! It is time to course correct and get moving in a new direction. During the first year of recovery after cancer...

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12. V Is For Victory

2017-10-29 I am happy to report that after two years of scanning, there is no evidence of enemy camps set up in my body! From here I will move to yearly check ups with my physician. It is almost like life before cancer. I’m just a regular girl, getting regular exams....

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11. Every Six Months

2017-10-22 For the last two years, my life has been broken into six month testing intervals. As much as the poking and prodding feels excessive on one hand, I feel looked after on the other. As I have learned, the cancer journey doesn’t just end when you finish your...

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10. Here We Grow

I am proud to introduce “Thrive The Climb”. This blog is something that I have been creating for 16 months. My vision is to help and inspire other women (and their families) going through breast cancer. The last year of writing was a little choppy for me. I had...

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9. The Ride To Conquer Cancer

2017-08-14 Done! What a ride! It was a challenge on all fronts- physical, emotional and mental. It took a lot of spirit and fortitude to complete this ride. I dug deep for it, found it and rode it across the finish line. I met a lot of wonderful people, heard...

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8. Cindy’s Epic Riding Journal

As my 5 months of training is coming to a close, I reflect back over the season and smile at my journey. Like anything that is hard or challenging in life, if you take one step at a time you can conquer anything. If you take the time to see the beauty and grace unfold...

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STAY ConnectED

While I actively support our breast cancer community on my website, you can stay connected in real time on my Facebook group and other social channels.