About Cindy Needham

Hi there!

My name is Cindy Needham. Thank you for dropping in to learn a little more about me.

Developing and harnessing the power of the mind, body and soul connection has been the sole focus of my personal and career choices.

  • During my training as a fitness professional, I learned the science behind the importance of moving the body and used that knowledge to support others in gaining enhanced physical fitness.
  • My training as a massage therapist, showed me the importance of feeling my body. I then taught my clients to feel their own bodies.
  • My studies towards my personal development and mindset mentor certification, taught me how to use my intuition and how to listen to the whispers of my inner warrior.
  • Today, I passionately guide women on how to tap into and harness the wisdom of their body and Soul in order to create the life they never thought possible.

When I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, which included a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation and hormone treatment, I was grateful for my physical fitness and mindset skills. I pictured beating cancer like climbing the hardest mountain I had ever hiked. I knew that with one step at a time I would get to the top. With the end of each procedure, I felt myself getting closer to that summit. I was looking forward to cresting that beast of a mountain and getting back to normal. It wasn’t until six months after my treatment finished that I realized that my breast cancer journey hadn’t ended with my last treatment.

I realized that surviving breast cancer had changed me: I was a different person from the inside out and figuring out “Cindy 2.0” and adjusting to “life after cancer treatment”, was a whole new mountain range to climb.

Climbing that second mountain range helped me realize my new, 2.0 version was actually my true, authentic self. The self that was born into this world to do something extraordinary (instead of just fitting in and ‘making do’). Learning how to listen to and honour my true self gave me the wisdom to take control of my life. By mastering that second mountain, I began to focus my attention and energy on the things that mattered to me. To this day, listening to and applying the wisdom of my soul gives me the courage to live my truth and thrive.

If you were feeling a soft knocking at your heart before diagnosis, a knocking that became a little louder and more urgent as you finished treatment, a knocking that is now shaking your core, listen. Listen to your heart. If you don’t know how, or where to begin, reach out. I don’t want another woman feeling lost and alone after cancer. I don’t want another woman feeling hopeless because she no longer fits into her old life. My stand, my passion, is to teach breast cancer survivors how to harness their mind, body and intuition to create the life their heart has been whispering about all along. I don’t want you to merely survive breast cancer… I want you to thrive!

The Warrior Mindset

There isn’t a woman I’ve met who isn’t incredibly strong.  Yet, life’s twists and turns seem to at some point take a woman down.  Breast cancer is one of those twists when it happens.  I’m here to help you see, even though you’ve got a diagnosis that’s not ideal – your warrior mindset lies within you.  Let’s bring it back out.


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