About Cindy Needham

Hi!  I’m Cindy.

I’m a Breast Cancer Warrior/Mindset Mentor, who has committed my life to applying a spirit-based, warrior mindset to life’s many challenges.

Over the past 30 years, I have developed a methodology to experience life with a higher level of consciousness and purpose.

I met my lifetime challenger of —climbing The Pink Mountain—when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I chronicled my personal journey using evidence based techniques with a mission of empowering other women facing a similar battle.

Supporting women going through breast cancer is what I do.

Every day, my mission is to ensure the women who use my book, tools or methods have the power to thrive their journey.

It’s my job to inspire you to shift your
perspective and tap into your inner strength beyond your imagination.

This is what I was born to do and who I am.

Driving Change Starts Within

Anyone diagnosed with breast cancer soon realizes that there is more to them than meets the eye.  It’s not easy to work on yourself or take a hard look at aspects that trigger your immune system to work against you – but with a cancer diagnosis it’s mandatory.  It feels hard and sometimes impossible – but as a thriver myself – who still  uses my tools and methods daily, I knew I had to so I could become the person I am today.

  • Practical
  • Warrior Mindset
  • Spiritual
  • Research & Evidence Based Background

The Warrior Mindset

There isn’t a woman I’ve met who isn’t incredibly strong.  Yet, life’s twists and turns seem to at some point take a woman down.  Breast cancer is one of those twists when it happens.  I’m here to help you see, even though you’ve got a diagnosis that’s not ideal – your warrior mindset lies within you.  Let’s bring it back out.


Red Deer, Alberta


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