I am proud to introduce “Thrive The Climb”.

This blog is something that I have been creating for 16 months. My vision is to help and inspire other women (and their families) going through breast cancer.

The last year of writing was a little choppy for me. I had trouble with my energy and had a very sluggish brain, so having the capacity to create was a challenge.

I was almost going to abandon this project because I didn’t feel like I could adequately write again. I was also feeling nervous about the idea of exposing myself to the cyber world. Then, a week ago during my meditation I received a strong message to share this blog. I was to share it now, not later. The purpose and intent is to help people going through a life changing event. The blog needs to be shared. I took that message and vision to heart and have been working away with the goal to release it October 19th. This is the date I had my double mastectomy.

When I read the first 6 Thrive-Hot Flash Hero posts, I felt like my writing was incomplete. There is some great insight and wisdom, but incomplete. I thought about scrapping them and then it hit me, I was incomplete. I was only operating at half capacity. The writing is a refection of how I was and where I was at. Those moments were a part of my journey, they do belong. They may also be the words that someone struggling can relate too. They may be the words that give someone hope.

So here it is… raw and ready to go.

Thank you for your continued love and support. I would appreciate if you would share Thrive The Climb on your Facebook, Twitter, or even email list. Share it with anyone who you feel needs some support and guidance while going through their breast cancer journey.

I hope you will continue to read and be a witness to this journey as I move forward and grow Thrive The Climb.