Thrive Your Climb Through Breast Cancer

From Diagnosis To Treatment & Beyond:

Discover The Tools, Mindset & Methods To Create A Strong Foundation Empowering You Through Your Breast Cancer Journey

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When you’re first diagnosed, while you’re in treatment and even after you’ve received the ‘all clear’, people will say and ask things that will catch you off guard and take your breath away.  Empower yourself with the tools and methods to handle situations with elegance & empowerment.

The Pink Mountain Book

In this perspective altering book, you’ll discover that while you can’t alter your cancer diagnosis, you can control your response and maneuver through it.  That is your superpower. You can conquer your fears, be the warrior you are, and thrive your climb up the pink mountain.

Breast Cancer Warrior

Now What? Mindset Coaching Program

You are no longer who you were when you were in the midst of your cancer struggle. You fought hard and got through that. You now feel a deep pull in your heart that is asking, “Who am I now, beyond being a survivor, and who do I choose to ‘BE’ moving forward?”

Now What? helps you answer that question. 

My goal is to help you dismantel your fears around breast cancer, enabling you to feel in control of your life again.  So let’s get started!

You’re in the right place if you feel…

You feel like you have been blindsided by the complexities of your breast cancer diagnosis.

You are questioning how to make sense of your life that went from ‘normal’ to unpredictable & filled with fear.

You feel like you are stuck in worry, fear and doubt leading to you missing out on imporant parts of your life.

But what you really want is to:

You want to shift out of the chaos, worry and constant uncertainty so you make sense of things and regain control.

Unless someone is where you are, they can’t understand what you’re going through, but I can.

You want to understand and embrace a new version of yourself & feel empowered no matter what you’re faced with.

“I am so thankful for your awareness of being ‘stuck at the top’ of the mountain.  Cancer’s journey doesn’t ‘end’ the way we think it does. That’s where people need more help, support, guidance and encouragement.  This is where you Cindy, make a difference. 

Thrive the Climb is an amazing opportunity for any woman diagnosed with breast cancer. Get started today.”

Melanie H.

Breast Cancer Thriver

“Cindy has encouraged me to stay positive, take it one day at a time, and be in the moment.  I have watched her take on challenges and turn them into opportunities.  

As a fellow breast cancer survivor, this was my most important realization.

Cindy’s courage to face each day with grace and positivity gave me the power to do the same.  Cindy has shown that cancer is a journey to make changes in your life, to help others and to share.  What a beautiful legacy!

Shannon Angell

Breast Cancer Thriver

Tools For Breast Cancer You Can Trust

When you understand your internal journey, you can crush the chaos of your external journey.

Start Your Empowered Climb Today

This is the last time you will feel like you’re climbing the pink mountain alone. 

From here on in, we’ll do it together.